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Your most valuable asset is also your most vulnerable to malicious cyber attacks.

What is Phishing?

Cybercrime is rampant and on the rise. Unfortunately, financial institutions are the cybecriminals’ favorite target. Their preferred method of attack is the use of social engineering through phishing. Phishing is successful because this method targets people. People can be tricked. People make mistakes.

14 Types of Phishing Attacks - Article by syscloud

Phishing Challenges Facing your Community Financial Institution

  1. People make mistakes. Employees are only human, and humans make mistakes. Phishing attacks rely on human error to breach your IT environment.
  2. Every employee is a target. Nearly every employee has an email address, browses the web, and uses other devices such as thumb drives and cell phones to connect to your IT environment. Cybercriminals can use any of thee entry points for an attack.
  3. One click can cause a breach. A successful breach only requires one click to deliver the malware.
  4. Phishing attempts can be difficult to detect. The cybercriminals learn from failed attempts and evolve their tactics to continually improve their success rates.
  5. Your firewall can’t help you. Since the attack is designed to trick your employees, your various cybersecurity solutions are of little help.
  6. You have a bank to run. Your employees are busy working. Defending your bank from phishing attacks is not their primary focus.
  7. What else? Is here another one? (maybe – if it happens, mobilizing to end it and then recover)

We're here to help.

Finosec PhADER is the solution to your phishing challenges.

Cybersecurity Problems Soved with Finosec's Help

  1. Know your vulnerabilities. Finosec can help you identify your current cybersecurity stance.
  2. Identify individuals who require assistance. Some employees need more testing and training than others, while some may require adjustments to their access of your IT environment.
  3. Improve your cyber defense performance. With education and practice you can reduce your phishing risks.
  4. Maintain cybersecurity reports and historical data. Regulators may request documentation as proof that your community bank is meeting expectations.
  5. Improve your cybersecurity maturity ratings. With improved defensive tactics and validation through testing, your bank can advance up the maturity ratings matrix.

Customer Testimonial

“As a de novo bank, it was critical for us to create the proper foundation in all aspects of our new institution. Finosec’s expertise to help us design and implement a proper information security program is one of those cornerstones of success.”


Jennifer W Harris, EVP/CFO, American Bank & Trust

Finosec PhADER Provides the Solution

PhADER is a comprehensive anti-phishing service that empowers community banks to better defend themselves against malicious phishing attacks.  PhADER is designed specifically for community banks and backed by decades of industry experience, modern techniques and proven, real-world results .

PhADER includes:

  • Cybersecurity assessment
  • Testing
  • Training
  • Advice and counsel
  • Historical data and reports
  • ISO independence

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