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Automate and Elevate with Governance 360

If your institution is struggling to keep up with compliance and governance, we can help transform your challenges into opportunities with solutions that provide automated tools, continuous program monitoring and actionable insight.

InfoSec Governance

Don’t just manage your governance… master it. Finosec will help you translate difficult regulatory protocols into clear, actionable steps. Our platform optimizes every facet of your governance, ensuring you stay aligned, informed and proactive.

User Access Reporting

Managing who has access to what, when and how is stressful. Our User Access Reporting solution emphasizes clarity, security and simplicity. Let’s streamline your data security compliance and make it easier for your institution to maintain both accessibility and security.

Gain a 360° View of Your Compliance

Keeping up with the ever-changing regulations, risks and requirements in the financial industry is a huge challenge for banks and credit unions. But with Finosec in your corner, your institution will tread new ground instead of just treading water.

We built our compliance automation software to help institutions of all sizes simplify and automate the governance process—so they can focus on their core business. At the heart of our cutting-edge solution is a transformative approach to user access review and a groundbreaking strategy for cybersecurity governance.

With Finosec as your compliance partner, you’ll:

  • Watch your cumbersome tasks morph into smooth workflows, thanks to our compliance automation
  • Document your systems and the crown jewels you need to protect
  • Kickstart your compliance risk assessment with automated tools
  • Plan your action items and set clear target dates
  • Delegate tasks effortlessly, ensuring the right team member handles the right challenge
  • Enjoy the comfort of real-time insight, always knowing where you stand in exam readiness and compliance stature
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Trouble with User Access Reviews?

View the case study to see how Finosec optimized user access reviews for South Atlantic Bank.

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Client Testimonials


“Before implementing user access reporting with Finosec, our team performed manual reviews of access rights in our financial systems. These manual processes were time consuming and we could only review the bare minimum. After implementing Finosec's User Access Reporting solution, we have increased our effectiveness and thoroughness of the reviews and have reduced the amount of time required to complete them.”

Kimberly West
Director of Information Technology
South Atlantic Bank

“We experienced over 90% growth in assets and the operational pains associated with that, and yet with Finosec's help, we had some of our best exam results to date.”

Randal McKoon
First Peoples Bank

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Integrating FFIEC Authentication Guidance: A Blueprint for Your Next Exam With Insights from Recent Regulatory Actions

Integrating FFIEC Authentication Guidance: A Blueprint for Your Next Exam With Insights from Recent Regulatory Actions

The Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) Authentication Guidance update in August 2021 has marked a significant step towards enhancing authentication and security access measures within financial institutions. This update expanded upon previous handbooks from 2005 and 2011, emphasizing a broader scope that now includes employees, third-party vendors, and system-to-system communications via APIs.

The Best Defense Against Ransomware

The Best Defense Against Ransomware

Beth Sumner, our VP of Customer Success, recently had the opportunity to discuss ransomware attacks and the importance of community bankers staying vigilant against these crimes in Independent Banker.  While the number of ransomware attacks continues to increase, so do the sums demanded by the attackers.

Succession Planning: Essential for Sustaining Information Security

Succession Planning: Essential for Sustaining Information Security

In today’s world where cyber threats evolve rapidly, the challenge of replacing an Information Security Officer (ISO) underscores a critical issue: the cybersecurity job market is scorching, yet talent is scarce. This gap has turned recruitment into a high-stakes game for financial institutions, where the departure of an ISO exposes vulnerabilities and regulatory risks. With remote work expanding the competition for skilled professionals, the importance of strategic succession planning has never been more acute, ensuring that institutions remain fortified even in the face of staffing changes.

Partnering for Peace of Mind and Effective Oversight

Partnering for Peace of Mind and Effective Oversight

Pendleton Community Bank, a $700 Million Dollar Bank with 133 Employees in Franklin, WV, led by CEO Bill Loving, faced a critical challenge when their Information Security Officer departed, leaving a significant void in their oversight capabilities. Their goal was clear: establish an effective process for information security governance and cybersecurity oversight to ensure compliance and peace of mind.

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