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Our Story

When it comes to governance and cybersecurity, the financial sector is constantly evolving, striving for stability and prioritizing security. Financial institutions face an array of challenges when it comes to compliance management and user access reviews, ranging from the complexities of banking software to the growing demands of regulatory compliance.

Our co-founder, Scott McIlrath, began his tenure as an IT leader at a bank working through two core conversions. As if that weren’t enough, he also had to deal with his first regulatory exam just a few months into the job. One of Scott’s strengths is his ability to put a process in place when challenges arise, so at his bank, he initiated a process to make sure they were always ready for exams.

Scott’s talent and dedication to simplify the way information security is governed in banking was a major catalyst for the creation of Finosec. Our leadership understands the pressing need for streamlined and validated solutions to create efficient cybersecurity management in this intricate and complicated environment, and we are passionate about helping financial institutions meet these multifaceted challenges.


Our Mission

To empower financial institutions with the best tools, resources and expertise to achieve their governance goals.

We want to help you automate those critical, yet labor-intensive tasks essential for secure banking systems, from systems access rights management to successful IT audits and FFIEC IT Exams.

Our Vision

To create a world for financial institutions where cybersecurity is streamlined and simple.

We believe that governance should not be a burden, but an opportunity for you to improve your security posture, compliance status and business performance.

Our Purpose

Our company’s purpose statement ends with LOVE, SERVE, GIVE. We believe that if we LOVE our employees unlike any other, that LOVE will flow into the way we SERVE our customers, and because of that we will be able to GIVE back in exceptional ways.


Our Leadership Team

Zach Duke

Zach Duke
CEO and Co-Founder

Scott McIlrath

Scott McIlrath
CTO and Co-Founder

Beth Fox Sumner

Beth Fox Sumner
VP Customer Success

Thomas Bostwick

Thomas Bostwick
Director of Product Development

Andrew Mills

Andrew Mills
Director of Business Development & Partnerships

Michael Shields

Michael Shields
Director of Product Delivery

The Heartbeat of Finosec: Finosec Forward

In the midst of reports, dashboards and algorithms, we found something profoundly human—a desire to make a larger impact.

At its core, Finosec is not just about systems and software; it’s about serving with purpose. Our initiative, Finosec Forward, embodies our commitment to placing others at the forefront, transcending beyond our professional roles and into our communities.

Championed by our belief in harnessing our God-given talents, we dedicate ourselves to serving beyond our industry, touching lives and making a tangible difference. We extend an invitation to all to join us in this purpose-driven journey.

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