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User Access Reporting

For financial institutions, ensuring airtight security isn’t merely about fortifying external defenses. It’s about internal vigilance, too.

Ensuring every user—from employees to third-party vendors—has the correct access to your systems is crucial. It’s not just about ticking off compliance requirements; it’s about weaving a holistic security fabric that safeguards every digital interaction.

FINOSEC can help you get started down the right path of security and stability.

Permissions Reviewed

Banking Systems

The Core Modules of Our User Access Reporting Solution

Our User Access solution is designed to meet this very need. By seamlessly integrating with legacy financial systems, it dispenses with manual bottlenecks and ensures you manage privilege access, new employees, job and access changes, and terminations efficiently and confidently.

User Access Reporting

  • Comprehensive employee lists detailing system access and exception validation
  • A master list to manage user access, permissions and more
  • Advanced reporting on system-based privileged access
  • A consolidated System User Changes Summary Report for quick insight

User Access Reviews

  • Robust audit/exam documentation to ensure compliance readiness
  • Track your review progress meticulously with integrated notes and flags

Program Tracking

  • Get ready for exams with our specialized dashboard and executive reports
  • Comprehensive system mapping for full visibility
  • Efficient user access review dashboard coupled with oversight reporting for thorough scrutiny

Benefits from Finosec’s User Access Reporting

Validate Systems

Ensure access accuracy across systems and permissions while ramping up team productivity.

Simplify Least Privilege

Prioritize and validate high-risk permissions, ensuring only the right people have access.

Streamline Reporting

Generate essential reports with ease, minimizing the time drain of manual reviews. Be audit-ready faster and with less hassle.

Save Time

Our clients have reaped massive time savings, cutting down their user access report generation time by an impressive 322 hours annually.

Trouble with User Access Reviews?

View the case study to see how Finosec optimized user access reviews for South Atlantic Bank.

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