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Financial institutions face a myriad of challenges in information security. The task of managing cybersecurity governance has grown increasingly complex, and with the ongoing evolution of FFIEC guidelines and IT audits, regulatory pressures mount even further.

And, as the industry grapples with a talent shortage, it’s become more difficult to find skilled security professionals. The inefficiencies of outdated systems and manual procedures further intensify your compliance burden. Additionally, escalating cyber insurance requirements ensure maintaining business continuity in today’s banking sector is a formidable challenge.

That’s where Finosec comes in. Our job is to make your job easier, and our specialized solutions in governance automation and user access reporting directly address these challenges.

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InfoSec Governance
User Access Reporting

How You Benefit from Our Solutions

Automated Risk Assessments

Eliminate manual processes for good. Our compliance automation software refines risk assessment for better accuracy.

Real-Time Reporting

Equip your executives with on-the-spot insight on exam readiness, streamlining user access review.

Policy Management

Get the tools you need to manage policies effectively, whether you're using our templates or your own.

Exception and Incident Tracking

Consolidate governance processes so you can efficiently track and respond to every discrepancy and incident.

Peer Comparisons

Assess your institution's performance and benchmark against industry standards with our platform.

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