Finosec Forward:
Purpose Beyond Profit

Finosec Forward

The Origin of Impact

As we etched out the initial blueprints of Finosec, the vision wasn’t merely to be another tech player. It was to forge a deeper connection with the community, to be the changemakers. This idea grew and transformed into what we proudly champion today as Finosec Forward.

For many startups, the initial stages are filled with discussions about profits and growth metrics. But for us, our company started differently. The discussions often turned to heart and impact. The decision to set aside 10% of our business’s stock ownership for charitable efforts was grounded not as a secondary thought—but as a primary commitment.


Beyond Monetary Measures

Finosec Forward isn’t just about funds. It’s about community integration and outreach. Each selfie with our team tagged #FinosecForward, or every booth registration at events, becomes a testament to our commitment, translating into charitable contributions

In essence, Finosec Forward isn’t merely a corporate initiative. It’s our heart, our value and our commitment to ushering in change. We hope you’ll join us on this journey.

Recent Finosec Forward News

Finosec Donates $3,300 to Riley Children's Hospital at Jack Henry Conference

Finosec Donates $530 to Breast Cancer Research Foundation

Finosec Donates $2,000 to Lighthouse Family Retreat Through Finosec Forward Fund

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