Free Yourself from Cumbersome Information Security Compliance

InfoSec Governance

When it comes to financial IT governance, community banks and credit unions often find themselves buried under information security protocols and regulatory stipulations. Sound familiar?

The overwhelming volume, paired with time-consuming manual processes, is a recipe for disaster. These manual operations don’t just burn the clock; they introduce the potential for human error, leaving institutions vulnerable to cybersecurity threats and steep non-compliance penalties.

Finosec is here to stop this before it starts.

This Is What Streamlined Compliance Looks Like

Engineered to be a game-changer, our Governance 360 platform refines and automates the entire information security governance trajectory.

By giving you a centralized repository for all mandatory documentation, our platform was built to provide you a smoother runway for exam and audit preparation. That also means significant time savings, reduced stress and an uptick in audit results and regulatory compliance.


The Core Modules of InfoSec Governance

Program Oversight

  • Detailed exception tracking with integrated approvals
  • IT Exam Readiness Dashboard
  • Custom Compliance Dashboards designed to provide a 360 degree view of your compliance programs

Automated Risk Assessment

  • Harnesses data from the System Map and IT Controls for simple assessments
  • New Technology? Integrate the risk assessment for new solutions and vendors from the beginning
  • Automatically Map IT Controls to the Cybersecurity Assessment Toolkit
  • Ransomware Self Assessment

Policy Management

  • Streamline your information security program and policies
  • Navigate vendor management effortlessly
  • Implement acceptable use policies for staff
  • Stay ahead of examiner expectations with our policies that are constantly updated

Board Engagements: Reporting and Training

  • Annual board report
  • Periodic quarterly board training sessions
  • Quarterly Executive Summary Reporting

Examinations and Audits

  • Stay ahead of FFIEC and State Examiner Expectations
  • Examination Reporting to Simplify Pre Exam Questionnaire Responses

Accelerate your Governance Suite

Boost your governance automation capabilities with these add-ons:

  • Switch Kit – Import your CAT, Exception Tracking, System Map
  • Leverage Information Security Advisors to Assist Your Team
  • New to Information Security? Our ISO Mentoring Can Help
  • Vendor Reviews – Let our Team Do the Heavy Lift on Vendor Reviews

Governance Advisor Program

The Governance Advisor Program offers expert guidance, enhances cybersecurity strategies, ensures compliance with regulations, and provides tailored solutions to safeguard financial institutions’ sensitive data and systems.

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