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Finosec releases enhanced User Access Reporting Application

By Finosec

March 11, 2022

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The practice of user access reporting within financial institutions has historically been an arduous process that relies on archaic technology and is both time and labor intensive. While generating multiple user access reports per year would be ideal, many financial institutions, through no fault of their own, often find they can only produce the bare minimum amount of reporting required annually. But as cyber risks continue to grow and the regulatory requirements continue to increase, it is vital that financial institutions can quickly and easily produce these reports, and with increased frequency. 

Many members of the Finosec team lived through that process, and believed that there was a better way. “The user access review process for banking applications has been broken for a long time,” said Scott McIlrath, Co-Founder and CTO of Finosec. Now, Finosec is proud to announce that they have released a custom User Access Reporting application that is focused on user-friendly functionality, quickly reviewing user access changes, and easily identifying privileged access to banking applications. Furthermore, the application maintains an easily accessible historical record of changes and reporting, so that those elements can be quickly produced for auditors and examiners. “Anyone that has performed a manual access review will agree that it is a challenge. FINOSEC’s User Access Reporting Application provides an easy and manageable way to review user access and verify privileged account permissions.” 

Scott went on to say that those who utilize Finosec’s UAR platform can expect “​​simplified user access change reports, called out termination exceptions, an easy-to-use breakdown of current access levels, better reporting of privileged access including related changes, and a historical audit trail of the reviews for the auditors and examiners all in one searchable, filterable application.”

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