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The Genesis of Finosec Forward: A Journey from Vision to Impact

By Zach Duke

September 20, 2023

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When Finosec was just an idea scribbled on a whiteboard, there was already an innate understanding that we wanted to be more than just another company in the tech industry. We yearned to contribute something substantive, both to our field and to the broader community. Out of this desire for meaningful impact was born our most significant initiative, Finosec Forward.

The Foundation

When you’re launching a startup, the conversations usually revolve around revenue models, target markets, and growth strategies. Rarely does one talk about charitable giving when the business hasn’t even gotten off the ground yet. But we did. Right from the outset, we knew that our success shouldn’t just be gauged by our bottom line; we wanted to measure it by the lives we touched and the communities we improved. The notion of setting aside 10% of our business’s stock ownership for charity was not an afterthought but a foundational principle.

Breaking the Norms

Conventional wisdom suggests that corporate social responsibility is a feature of large, established companies with deep pockets. We wanted to challenge that perception. Finosec Forward was a declaration that even startups could create an immediate and long-lasting societal impact. The idea of segregating the 10% from our main operational financials was deliberate, as it freed us from the common conflicts that often deter businesses, especially ones that are innovating, from charitable giving. We didn’t want to choose between innovation and philanthropy, hiring talented individuals, or giving back to the community. With Finosec Forward, we never have to.

The Mechanism

Given that the traditional business model often pits profitability against altruism, it was crucial to build a structure that insulated our charitable activities from our core business decisions. The Finosec Forward fund operates in a separate account, and as we prosper, so does this fund. It grows, not just as a nominal amount set aside, but as a reflection of our overall success. It’s a self-sustaining engine for change, independent of our profit and loss statements. In this way, Finosec Forward is not just a program but an integral part of our organizational DNA.

Beyond the Dollars

However, Finosec Forward is not just about monetary contributions. It’s about engaging with the communities that we all live in. Whether we are attending industry events or setting up booths at conferences, we make it a point to intertwine Finosec Forward into these activities. The beauty lies in its simplicity; a selfie with a team member tagged with #FinosecForward leads to a $25 donation to a predetermined charity. Each registration at our booth results in a $10 contribution. Thus, we create a ripple effect, involving as many people as possible in this initiative, all while raising awareness for the causes that matter.

The Outcome

The impact has been nothing short of phenomenal. We have not just managed to give back to various communities but also built a company culture that attracts those who want to be part of something greater than themselves. Employees are not just seeking jobs; they are seeking purpose. And what better way to find it than to be part of a venture that prioritizes giving back as much as moving forward?

In the end, Finosec Forward is more than an initiative; it’s a manifestation of our values and a realization of our vision to make a significant impact. And, it is just the beginning….

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