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Finosec’s technology-based pain reliever for your user access reviews

By Finosec

November 23, 2022

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Financial institutions have long viewed user access reviews as a double edged sword. On one hand, regulators require them. They’re a crucial component in managing to least privilege. But they’re a challenge to conduct on a regular schedule. And if you have to rely on legacy technology and outdated manual processes, the frustrations can compound logarithmically.

But you don’t need to be stuck in the past. Help is on the way.

Finosec has created a user access solution to address these issues. It leverages automation throughout the whole process, and we didn’t stop there. We listened to our customer feedback and have published new enhancements to the UAR platform.

Report Subscriptions

User access reviews contain lots of pages and lots of detail. Perhaps you sometimes need specific information and don’t really need the entire report. The updated UAR platform now lets you subscribe or unsubscribe to reports with a simple toggle feature. This means you can now quickly and easily access the precise reports and documentation you need.

In addition, you can request custom reports via email from This allows you to capture the unique nuances of your institution with just a few simple steps.

Account Management Reports

We’ve also made it easier to see UAR information from a user perspective. There is an employee list view where you can see the system access rights of individual users. You can note one or more Core IDs and also associate AD accounts. From there, it’s easy to export a list of users with their associated system access rights.

Finally, there are now actions that can be taken against the exception report. This report shows the accounts that could not be associated with an employee. These are user accounts not otherwise automatically validated with the appropriate persons. You can then assign the non-user accounts to an account type (service, admin, vendor, or contractor.) These will roll back to the employee list and system access list.

If you like what you’ve read but still follow archaic processes to complete your user access reviews, you really should contact Finosec. We’d love to work alongside you and your institution to simplify your user access review process and make it easier than ever.

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