Partnering for Peace of Mind and Effective Oversight

Case Study
Pendleton Community Bank
Pendleton Community Bank, a $700 Million Dollar Bank with 133 Employees in Franklin, WV, led by CEO Bill Loving, faced a critical challenge when their Information Security Officer departed, leaving a significant void in their oversight capabilities. Their goal was clear: establish an effective process for information security governance and cybersecurity oversight to ensure compliance and peace of mind. This is the story of how Finosec partnered with Bill’s team at Pendleton Community Bank to meet these crucial objectives.

“Our partnership with Finosec was a game-changer. It gave us the process and tools we needed to strengthen our information security governance.”

The Problem

Pendleton Community Bank, nestled in the heart of West Virginia, is a vital community bank serving its community. However, when their Information Security Officer left the bank, they were suddenly confronted with a serious challenge. The absence of an oversight process left them exposed to potential cybersecurity threats and compliance risks. Bill Loving, CEO of the bank, needed a solution that could quickly fill this gap.

The Solution

Bill and his team turned to Finosec and their Governance 360 Platform, a comprehensive solution for compliance, risk management, and information security governance.

“I can't overstate the comfort I found in our partnership with Finosec Governance 360. It allowed me to focus on leading the bank, secure in the knowledge that our cybersecurity and information security governance were being handled professionally.”

Bill Loving

CEO, Pendleton Community Bank

Our Features

Simplified Reporting

Finosec’s focus on changes and privileged access has streamlined the user review process.

FFIEC Compliance

The solution is aligned with the FFIEC authentication guidelines, simplifying compliance maintenance.

Audit Preparedness

With Finosec, the bank is more effectively prepared for future exams and audits.

Finosec platform

The Results

Enhanced Information Security

The bank significantly improved its information security posture and met compliance requirements.

Peace of Mind

Bill Loving could focus on strategic leadership with the confidence that information security governance was in capable hands.

Automated Risk Assessment:

With Finosec Governance 360, Pendleton Community Bank automated the risk assessment process, reducing manual effort and ensuring a more comprehensive evaluation of risks.

User Access Reporting and Least Privilege Validation

The platform enabled the bank to establish user access reporting and validate least privilege access, strengthening their cybersecurity defenses.

Efficient Oversight

Finosec Governance 360 empowered the bank’s team to efficiently manage vendor relationships and assess controls.


Pendleton Community Bank’s journey with Finosec exemplifies the power of partnership in addressing critical challenges. By leveraging Finosec’s capabilities and expertise, they achieved greater information security, efficient oversight, and peace of mind for their CEO.

Bill concluded, “Our partnership with Finosec was a pivotal moment for our bank. We now have the tools, process, and peace of mind we need to navigate the complex landscape of information security and compliance.”

Finosec is committed to enabling community banks like Pendleton Community Bank to thrive by providing the necessary tools and guidance for a secure and compliant future.

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