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My Epiphany of AI During a Session With My Therapist

By Zach Duke

June 20, 2024

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For over a year now, every Tuesday, the Finosec team has been holding a meeting to discuss how we are leveraging AI personally, at work, and in our platform. These weekly meetings have consistently focused on sharing the impact of AI for each of us personally and the effect has been massive for Finosec; enabling our team to collaborate and leverage the full power of AI. 

A bit of backstory on the weekly AI meeting: we had a vision that AI would foundationally change how information security was managed in banking. The goal of this meeting was to encourage our entire team to lean into leveraging AI and share best practices. During one of these meetings, the development and product team demoed an AI information security assistant they had nick-named Regi Ranger. I wasn’t expecting a demo, I didn’t know where we were on the strategy, I just knew that we were working on it. Full disclosure: one of the things that the Finosec team loves to see is when I get excited and fired up, especially in a team meeting with my video on.

On this particular day, I had an appointment with my therapist right after the call.  I actually took part in the call on my way to the therapist’s office as the meeting was going over. When I arrived, I was so excited, overflowing with anticipation about Regi Ranger and how it would revolutionize information security management in banking. I could see clearly the future of how it would empower information security officers and cybersecurity overseers, even those without deep expertise, by providing a clear plan and process. It’s going to be a game-changer for the industry.

I couldn’t control my excitement for the first 20 minutes of the session. As I went on and on about the AI meeting with the Finosec team I had just had with my therapist, whose name is Kendall, I had an epiphany. Part of why I continue to see Kendall is to help me get better and to work on things that I don’t naturally focus on. He challenges me to use muscles I don’t typically use. During my ramble of excitement, I realized how amazing it would be to have an AI assistant like Kendall. I processed how amazing it would be to have a Kendall Assistant who could provide tips, resources, and tricks for handling communication, emotions, and relationships, all with a lens of Kendall’s expertise.

This realization underscores where I see the most impactful part of conversational AI: its ability to take the subject matter expertise of someone like Kendall and make us better. How awesome would it be for me to be able to ask my Kendall assistant before a tough conversation with my wife, kids, or team members?

AI assistants can help us be better. We can ask questions, receive guidance, and bridge the gap between novice and expert.

So, who is Regi Ranger? 

Regi is Finosec’s secure virtual information security assistant.

Powered by regulatory guidance and proven playbooks seasoned experts or new ISO’s can easily ask questions and chat with Regi about anything regarding IT governance, cybersecurity, and exam readiness.  Regi doesn’t simply give you the guidance, he provides actionable steps you can take to strengthen your policies and procedures.

The introduction of Regi Ranger is a game changer for Finosec. Regi Ranger can assist experienced risk management officers with quick access to complex questions and problems and also enable novice Information Security Officers with tactical how-to strategies and processes. AI assistants can guide us in all aspects of our lives, much like Kendall does for me in therapy. The possibilities of Regi are endless, and I can’t wait to see where this journey takes us. The Finosec team is excited about revealing Regi Ranger. He’ll be available to current Finosec “plus” customers in the near future. Current Finosec customers who do not have a “plus” package but are interested in accessing Regi Ranger, can reach out to the customer success team. And finally, if you aren’t a Finosec customer, but you’re interested in accessing Regi once he’s available to the public, you can join our waitlist. More exciting details to come!

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